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Clinic Staff

Novia Graham
Orthodontic Assistant
Novia has been a part of our team since 2011.


She encapsulates the saying, “she little but she tallawah”. “I love the people I work with across the company. I work with some awesome, talented, funny, dedicated staff.
Every day is different, challenging and exciting.” When the work day is over, Novia enjoys the comfort of home, where she loves spending time with her son Meeli. She also loves listening to music and surfing the Internet and taking adventurous trips.

Collette Hibbert
Orthodontic Assistant
Collette joined our team in 1999 as an orthodontic assistant.


She really enjoys the interaction with the patients she meets on the job.Collette is a real sports fan and loves watching football and athletics.

Kevin McKay
Orthodontic Assistant
Kevin is an orthodontic assistant and has been a member of the family since 1994.


His favourite part of his job is having the opportunity to share in the satisfaction of patients when their treatment is complete and successful.He just loves living life.

Keisha Parkes
Orthodontic Assistant
Keisha has been working as one of our orthodontic assistants since 1999.


She is your orthodontist’s “right-hand”, on call to help the Doctors attend to you, our patients, as efficiently as possible. For Keisha, the best thing about her job is the spirit of fun and cooperation among her co-workers, and the new people she meets daily. In her spare time, Keisha enjoys cooking, listening to music, reading, singing and travelling.

Tamoy Russell
Orthodontic Assistant
Tamoy joined the Islandsmiles Montego Bay team in 2013.


She prides herself on meeting and interacting with patients while simultaneously creating beautiful smiles. Tamoy is an ardent reader who enjoys family time, reading and gardening.

Tanya Webster
Orthodontic Assistant
Tanya has been an orthodontic assistant on our team since 1992.


What she loves most about her job is witnessing the transformation of the patients as their treatment progresses. “Webby”, as she’s affectionately known around the office, loves hearing when patients comment on the high level of service they receive. She is an active member of her church, and a dedicated volunteer for the Jamaica Cancer Society.

Shanine Swaby
Clinical Coordinator
Shanine has been a clinical coordinator on our team since 1995.


She likes working with all the patients, but children are definitely her favourite. When her working day is finished, Shanine likes to relax by reading or listening to music.

Pearlina Haye
Sterilization Assistant
Pearlina has been at our Montego Bay location since 1992.


In her capacity, she ensures that the hygiene of the office is up to par through the sterilization of the equipment and creating a clean environment. She is an avid reader who also enjoys gardening.

Margaret Brown
Treatment Coordinator
Margaret has been a member of the Islandsmiles team since 1994, fulfilling three roles: Clinic assistant, Treatment Coordinator and Inventory Personnel.


Her favourite part of her job is the daily interaction with patients, whether she’s assisting the Doctors with fitting braces, giving information to patients or just casually chatting about everyday life with them. She is a fun-loving person who loves spending time with her family, particularly her favourite niece Treasure.

Beverley Johnson
Sterilization Assistant
Beverley is one of Islandsmiles founding members, having been a part of the team since we opened our doors in 1987.


She describes her job as “keeping everybody clean and happy”, and we know how important it is for everything to be well-cared and sterile in a doctor’s office! In her spare time, Beverley enjoys window shopping at various stores.

Orthel Faulknor
Treatment Coordinator
Orthel Grapine-Faulknor is one of our longest serving team members having come on board in 1990, just 3 years after we first opened our doors in 1987.


As a treatment coordinator, she is one of the first people you meet on your orthodontic journey. “Grap”, as she is affectionately know around the office, loves being able to interact with all patients and greets each patient with a warm smile. In her spare time she can be found spending time on social media, taking part in football matches, reading, baking and having fun with her family.

Lab Technicians

Kemar Dressikie
Lab Technician
Kemar, our youngest lab technician, joined the team in 2007.


He loves his work and particularly enjoys pouring impressions and fabricating models of patients’ teeth. In his spare time he loves playing football, listening to music and surfing the internet.

Franklin Henry
Lab Technician
Franklin has been a lab technician on our team since 1990.


He enjoys making appliances and takes pride in getting his work done on time, every time! In his spare time, Franklin, also known as “Prince”, likes playing football and dancing. He’s also a keen horse-racing fan who owns and breeds his own horses.

Administrative Staff

Lavern Bernard-Gordon
Financial Coordinator
Lavern has been a member of our team since 2003.


She attends to all the patient’s financial needs from the start of treatment until completion.
In her free time, Lavern enjoys sleeping.

Micheline Eulette
Office Manager
Micheline joined our team in 2007.


She is primarily responsible for the management and promotion of the practice. She enjoys interacting with people and organizing events. For relaxation, Micheline loves to travel, read, attend live concerts and dance.

Sheryl Ebanks-Reid
Office Coordinator
Sheryl has been a member of our team since 1987.


She attends to patients coming in for their first visit and tells them everything they need to know before they get started on their treatment program. She loves seeing the patients’ transformations from the initial visit to the day she sees that smile on their faces on de-band day. In her free time, Sheryl enjoys cooking and baking and loves travelling to new places.

Shirone Ben-Mohammed
Scheduling Coordinator
Shirone has been a member of our team since 1994.


Whatever office correspondence or patient information we might need to access, Shirone can find it. This is the perfect job for Shirone because she loves getting her co-workers organized to start their working day. Shirone, also affectionately known as “Huss”, “Ben-Moh”, or “Roney”, likes reading, watching Hallmark Channel movies and spending quality time with her family.

Valery Smith
Office Attendant
Valery, also known as “Val-Val” by her Islandsmiles family, has been a member of the team since 1998.


We rely on Valery Smith to keep the office spic and span and in perfect order. she has a very caring heart and is ready and willing to assist everyone. When she is not busy looking after us, Valery enjoys gardening, cooking, baking and decorating.

Sandra Stephenson
Scheduling Coordinator
Sandra has been part of the Islandsmiles family since 2001.


Her smile is one that greets you first thing, at the front desk of our office. Sandra’s job is just perfect for her because that’s what she most enjoys – interacting with the patients and making sure everyone is comfortable. In her spare time, Sandra enjoys reading motivational books and listening to Gospel music. She also oves to travel and hopes to take a tour of all the Caribbean Islands one day.

COVID-19 Closure Announcement!

Dear Patients,

Our offices remain closed due to the ongoing pandemic.

We will resume normal operations when it is safe to do so and we will advise you accordingly.

For very urgent emergencies you may call our emergency number at 876-3562637

You may also continue to use Bill Express, BNS or NCB online platforms for your payments.

We encourage you to take personal responsibility even as the government puts plans in place to contain the spread.

Thank you for your understanding

Keep safe!!