Fix The File Is Open In COM Surrogate In Windows 10/8/7

//Fix The File Is Open In COM Surrogate In Windows 10/8/7

Fix The File Is Open In COM Surrogate In Windows 10/8/7

I was playing around with one of my virtual machines running Windows 7 a day or two ago, when I kept running into somewhat of an issue. I was endeavoring to right-tap on My Computer and pick Properties and got the accompanying blunder message:

Runtime mistake!

Program: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\DllHost.exe

In the wake of tapping on OK, I get a message expressing that COM Surrogate has quit working.

On the off chance that I click Cancel a couple of times, it in the long run leaves and I can get to what I need, yet it’s entirely irritating. Fix The File is Open in Com Surrogate Error It additionally happened when I attempted to click Personalize on the work area and when endeavoring to utilize the Control Panel.

In the long run, I found two or three arrangements and gave them a shot. Fortunately, one of them worked and the issue left. The following are the arrangements I found.

Technique 1 – Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS3, Nero, and so forth

Obviously, certain renditions of Adobe CSX and other programming like Nero 8 can cause the DllHost.exe blunder. In the event that you as of late introduced some new programming, proceed and uninstall it and restart your PC.

Note that this issue has a tendency to happen more on 64-bit frameworks than 32-bit. Severely composed 64-bit programming can cause issues, so ensure you download the most recent 64-bit forms on all your outsider programming.

In case you don’t know what application could be causing the issue, you can utilize the Reliability Monitor in Windows 7 to make sense of it.

Go to Control Panel, System and Security, Action Center, and after that Reliability Monitor. You can likewise type unwavering quality screen into the inquiry box at the upper right.

Next, tap on View all issue reports at the base and you’ll now wind up in the Problem History screen.

Discover the crash report that has COM Surrogate in the source and after that right-tap on it and pick View Technical Details. Look at the section that says Fault Module Name as that for the most part discloses to you which program caused the issue.

I’ve likewise heard that Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 can cause the issue with dllhost.exe and com surrogate. Adding the dllhost.exe to the prohibitions list in KIS 2011 appears to tackle the issue.

In conclusion, DivX and ffdshow codec pack programs have been known to cause this blunder, so download the most recent variant of the codec or uninstall them. In case you’re utilizing some other codecs like K-Lite, introduce the most recent adaptations or uninstall them totally.

Technique 2 – Turn off DEP or Add Exception

Another approach to conceivable tackle this issue is to kill DEP or Data Execution Prevention. You can do this in Windows Tools 7 by right-tapping on My Computer, picking Properties, and clicking Advanced framework settings.

Tap on the Advanced tab and afterward tap on Settings under the Performance area.

At long last, tap on Data Execution Prevention and tap on Turn on DEP for all projects aside from those I select and add dllhost.exe to the rundown.

Ideally this fixes the Com Surrogate blunder in Windows 7. If not, post a remark and I’ll endeavor to help.

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