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Primary education is offered to children in grades one to six of primary and all-age schools.The educational offering at the primary level lays the foundation for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values for total development and continuing education. It is expected that each student within this age group should be equipped with the following characteristic by the end of grade six:* Literacy and numeracy by global standards* Competence in pre-requisite knowledge and skills to access secondary education.* Possession of a caring attitude towards self, others and things.

History on Primary Education in Jamaica

• The educational system was introduced in Jamaica in the early 1970’s.
• To help more students attend school, wearing uniforms was introduced
by the Jamaican government in 1982.
• In 2000 the enrollment in primary schools was 328,500.
• Primary education in Jamaica includes children between the ages of 5-12 years.

High School in Jamaica

list of high schools in jamaica
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Did You Know That…?

Common Entrance Examinations (CEE) ended in 1998 and was replaced in 1999 by a programme called the National Assessment or Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).
The 1st GSAT took place on March 27 and 28, 1999 .
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Exam Plans

1. Give yourself enough time to study
2. Organize your study space
3. Use flow charts and diagrams
4. Practice on old exams
5. Explain your answers to others
6. Organize study groups with friends
7. Plan your exam day