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Books & Reading

Reading is a very important part of your growing and learning experience, as it expands your vocabulary, and your imagination, you are encouraged to read a book regularly.
A person who can read, and read well, is more likely to; graduate from college; get a higher paying job; experience the joys of learning new things; and enjoy the stress-reducing entertainment of a good book.
If you are not the avid reader, start your practice by reading a magazine article every week which are short and fun to read.

How can you find books that interest you…

What they say is true the more you read, the better you read. In other words, stepping up the reading you do for yourself will make other reading tasks less of a chore. So, give reading another chance.

Here are some pointers for finding the kinds of books that will interest you personally:

1. Decide what you’re in the mood for. High adventure? Romance? Perhaps you enjoyed a recent movie or TV mini-series; chances are it was based on a book you’d enjoy also.
2. Ask around. Ask friends, a favorite teacher, or your coach to suggest books they enjoyed…

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Why Read…?

• Become an expert on any subject you like!
• Live dangerously, through reading you can share the challenges,
• Have a few laughs
• Explore the world.
• Travel through time.
• Get free advice.
• Discover new interests.