How to Convert iBook to PDF ?

//How to Convert iBook to PDF ?

How to Convert iBook to PDF ?

iBooks is a popular e-book application that Apple offers to OS X and iOS users. The feature was launched way back in the year 2010 together with the iPad and emerged as one of the top e-book applications in the following years. iBooks mostly receive content from the iBooks store, but you can also add your own data and documents to the iBooks application by converting them into the PDF and EPUB file formats and uploading them via iTunes data sync. Apart from displaying traditional e-books, the Apple iBooks for PC can also display e-books which contain multimedia content. This makes it an indispensable application for all Apple users wanting to read e-books. If you are not fond of the PDF format, this article will tell you how to convert PDF to iBooks compatible format, like EPUB with PDFelement Pro.

Why do we need to convert ibook to pdf? Suppose that you have purchased a few iBooks within iBookstore, and you want to share them with your parents, but they do not have an iPad. Then what would you do? Or maybe you have created an iBook by iBooks Author that works perfectly on your iPad, but now you want to read them on different devices like the Nook, Kobo, or Kindle, then how to deal with such situation?

Usually, in this case, I will suggest you convert ibook to pdf, because:

  1. iBooks Author .ibooks file extension can be read on a computer or other devices only by converting to pdf (exported to .pdf).
  2. iBooks books primarily are with epub format, and only readable on iPad, iPod or iPhone, with DRM limitation. Not available to read iBook on another device.
  3. Some eReaders support PDF format better than ePub format.
  4. Kindle supports PDF format but doesn’t support epub. So if we want to read ibook on Kindle, it’s necessary to convert to pdf.
  5. For those books which have images, diagrams, or anything else like that, they are better as pdf format.

Enter Apple Books

I’d been gravitating towards Amazon anyway, reluctantly, but the iBooks deletion situation was the last straw. This year, for the first time since 2010, Kindle became my only reading app. Then we learned just prior to Apple’s WWDC keynote that a new version of Books would be touted. Would it hold a candle to Kindle? The amount of time devoted to Books in the keynote was not encouraging. Apple News, Stocks, and even the Voice Memo app were deemed more important. Apple Books was literally discussed for less than a minute, much of which time was devoted to the dropping of the “i.”

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