First Visit

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Both offices offer state-of-the-art facilities. Patients check themselves in on a touch-screen computer; each patient gets a call from a computer to remind him/her of appointments, with an option to reschedule.
However, the human touch is not missing.

When new patients call the office, they deal with one of three persons who handle new patients.
On the patient’s first day he/she is taken on a tour of the facility by a treatment coordinator who will also prepare the patient to see one of the two orthodontists, Dr Meeks, or his associate, Dr Gail-Ann Allen. The treatment coordinator also takes pictures of the teeth and is quite capable of responding to most questions from the patient.

COVID-19 Closure Announcement!

Dear Patients,

Our offices remain closed due to the ongoing pandemic.

We will resume normal operations when it is safe to do so and we will advise you accordingly.

For very urgent emergencies you may call our emergency number at 876-3562637

You may also continue to use Bill Express, BNS or NCB online platforms for your payments.

We encourage you to take personal responsibility even as the government puts plans in place to contain the spread.

Thank you for your understanding

Keep safe!!