Lavern Bernard-Gordon

Lavern has been a member of our team since 2003. Fun-loving and always smiling, she attends to all the patient’s financial needs from the start of treatment until completion.

Micheline Eulette-Wade

Micheline joined our team in 2007. She is primarily responsible for the management and promotion of the practice. She enjoys interacting with people and organizing events. Outside of work, Micheline loves to travel, read, attend live concerts and dance.

Sheryl Ebanks-Reid

Sheryl has been a member of our team since 1987. She attends to patients coming in for their first visit and tells them everything they need to know before they get started on their treatment program. She loves seeing the patients’ transformations from the initial visit to the smile on their faces on de-band day. […]

Shirone Ben-Mohammed

Shirone has been a member of our team since 1994. Whatever office correspondence or patient information we might need to access, Shirone can find it. This is the perfect job for Shirone because she loves getting her co-workers organised to start their working day. Shirone, also affectionately known as ‘Ben-Moh’, or ‘Roney’, likes reading, watching […]

Sandra Daley-Stephenson

Sandra has been part of the Islandsmiles family since 2001. Her smile is one that greets you first thing, at the front desk of our office. Sandra loves interacting with the patients and making sure everyone is comfortable. In her spare time, she enjoys reading motivational books, traveling and listening to Gospel music.

Terri Myrie

Terri started working with Islandsmiles in 2016.  She is currently responsible for the Dentist Referral programme and strengthening and maintaining relationships with our dental practice partners. She enjoys engaging the dentists and their team and loves providing surprises and special treats to brighten their day. 

Anne-Marie Lewin

Anne Marie’s favourite part of the job is meeting and greeting the patients with her welcoming smile. Taking care of the young patients is also fun as she gets to know more about them and their likes and dislikes.  When she is not at work, Ann-Marie likes to relax at the beach.

Valery Smith

Valery, also known as ‘Val-Val’ by her Islandsmiles family, has been a member of the team since 1998. We rely on Valery to keep the office spic and span and in perfect order. She has a very caring heart and is ready and willing to assist everyone. When she is not busy looking after us, […]